Making Spirit of the Night

Spirit of the night

Over the last few days we’ve been crafting our latest hand-made book, Spirit of the Night. It’s a story that starts with words, continues with pictures and then ends again with words – a collaboration in stages.

Once we’d finished all the writing and drawing (and all the editing and design layout) we began the task of making the books as physical objects. This included stitching together the signatures (or sections of pages) and cutting out the stag silhouette from the front cover.

Spirit of the Night Making

This was our most intricate and challenging hand-made book so far.  We’d decided to stretch ourselves by extending the book length into two signatures and cutting out the cover design.  It involved some brain-bending logistical planning and a bit of creative imagineering, but it was an exciting and enjoyable step on our book-making journey.

We’re very pleased with the result!

Spirit of the night shop


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