Big Up the Small Press!

This week, we’ve been inspired by our recent experience at Alternative Press & London Radical Bookfair’s Takeover 2015.  We met lots of really lovely people; saw, swapped, and bought lots of amazingly innovative and exciting work (from people such as Danny Noble, Querstret, Keara Stewart, Alex Hahn, Jacq Applebee, Becky Kidner, and the Minesweeper Collective); and were privileged to be able to witness people’s positive responses to our books.

AP book haul 2

We shared a table with the talented photographer and book artist, Mariya Ustymenko, who has produced a collection of zines, artist books and a sculpture made of concrete, steel and perspex for her current project, ‘Fear of Disappearance’.

AP stall pic

We’ve also been inspired, distracted, obsessed, about the #GE2015 result, and feel so blessed to be part of a community of like-minded souls who are actively engaged in creating alternative communities, non-commercial economies, and sustainable solutions for a radical new way forward.

Big Up the Small Press!


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