Artist Books

Our books are uniquely designed to explore the relationships between images and words in storytelling.  Each book creates its own space in the imagination: the shared imaginal space of the story and its world.  In this space we are equals – the boundaries between self and other, fantasy and reality, outside and inside are transgressed, melting away completely if we let them.

[Sub]Atomic stories deal with adult and young-adult themes in a poetic and visually striking narrative style, subverting expectations and opening up new possibilities.

Each book is created, designed and hand-made by Sally Willow and QuirkyJoe.

artist books on sale

Copies can be ordered online by emailing

Spirit of the Night ~ The story of Lilith’s harrowing separation from Samael, and her search for new love .  £7 + postage

Spirit of the night shop

Red ~ Wake up your wild side as you follow Red into the woods, if you dare.  £5 + postage

Red shop

Rehearsal ~ Sappho’s dark mime becomes her fate in this cruel carnival tale.  £5 + postage

Rehearsal shop

Below the Surface ~ What happens when we wake up below the surface of our lives?  £3 + postage

Below the Surface shop

Order online by emailing


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